3SRB - 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing

What makes a ordinary man a Mahayogi or a Maharishi ( i.e. a man who has brought about transformation consciously)? The Question is wrong. There is no making or becoming. We are, what we want to be! Does a man flower or bloom from within like a rose i.e. gain full or total transformation or is something added to him or introduced from an outside source? Is not grace really the flowering or blooming from within and thereby releasing a flood of power and possibilities for infinite good, rather than depend on an out side agency working on him? In this case his autonomous state which is his birth right is denied to him and the thought that God and nature have given man free will is contradicted. 
If it is an out side agency, science, if not today, then in some distant future can simulate the same condition. It will nullify the idea of God and His creation based on certain cosmic laws. If the answer is No, it is from within. Then the Question arises, how does it happen. How is he able to bring about the possibility of transformation? Cannot science tomorrow programme the proper functioning of man and can such technology bring about the state of a Mahayogi or-a Maharishi? Is this possible?
In the first place, if a human being is nothing more than or not beyond a computerized organism only, then these thoughts are valid. But he is much beyond, but that side of his being is dormant and cannot be awakened unless he wishes so himself and then sincerely works towards this end. This is free will: He is autonomous and for that matter each cell in his body- brain system also autonomous. The idea of free will, is this intrinsic in built autonomy or every living cell in his body-brain system.
It is also noted that anything that is added from an outside source by way of preaching morality or religion will not be imbibed or digested though like a tape recorder it can all be reproduced faithfully for ulterior reason because each cell in him is autonomous and that is why religions and morality and all efforts of all the ages have not succeeded and man today we find inspite of being able to walk in space or walk on the moon, is as helpless and is near the animal nature as he ever was. So the idea of programming by science would never result in making him a Mahayogi or maharishi for the simple reason that he cannot be made for he already is.
What is the factor that creates the difference between programming and a naturally achieved state brought about by one's own spontaneous and willing efforts along proper lines? Let us once quickly clear our mind as to the process of thought formation, because that is the only way we function on this planet.
The incoming impulses (Sage Patanjali calls," the effect producing cause") from person and objects around us enter our body brain system at the rate of 30,000 per pulse beat. Of these 120 per pulse beat create thought processes. They in turn pull out near identical memory patterns from the unconscious or the memory pool at the rear brain and together rush to the front brain or conscious brain where these are worked upon by the four centers. Intellect/Emotional/Sex/Movement (I.E.S.M) and intensified and developed (depending on the basic structures of these centers) resulting in automatic reflex action or automatic re-action. The cortex aiding the process. The whole process is very fast and takes 1/120 of a pulse beat.
If these 4 centers I.E.S.M in the conscious brain area become dormant we have a person in deep coma or dead because working of the centers makes the front brain conscious This automatic reaction is in thought word or deed.
From all this arise all religions and philosophies because we have been told time and again and it has been drilled into us that these automatic reactions place have to be good. No one has cared to show or explain how this can be done. But instead for this good thought, words and deeds, man has been paralyzed into submission and mental slavery by introducing the theory of Heaven and Hell, Karma and Dharma which is rampant in the whole world and holds man in mental slavery. He has to say his prayers, he has to attend his church, mosque or temple etc.
Fearing consequences after death (which no one so far has proved or disproved) man is held spellbound. Rituals, prayers and priests have survived with religious heads holding firmly the reins in their hands; even in our days of nuclear science and space age.
Hence the need for a break through from this numbing fetters on human mind and brain. Over the ages this has gone on, from the beginning of creation and therefore it is not only difficult but near impossible to erase these memory patterns out of the human brain and mind. Deep rooted fear of punishment after death does not allow the brain to entertain a "new thought". Even on attempting at doing so one finds this lurking fear at the back of one's mind-these deep rooted memory patterns of Hell, Heaven, Karma and Dharma.
We also know that normally unlearning is not possible. Yoga for long has tried to work with this indoctrinated human mind and brain, yet keeping in focus the absolute autonomous state of each human being no real success was possible. Hence at first entered the ideas of japa, tapa, bhajans and satsangs. This did not help though till today many indulge in such escape methods. So what was or is the remedy for the mass of humanity? The sages who discovered the science of svar-nadi relationship realised that the breath is a powerful and tremendous force. At first they came out with various breathings aided by various asanas. Hence creation of the important branch of Hatha Yoga. Side by side originated the Bhakti Yoga, Gnana Yoga, Laya Yoga, Raj Yoga and so forth.
But all these remained exercises and one could not indulge the whole day in them and so for the rest of the day the old deep rooted memory patterns re-established their sway on the mind and brain. To avoid this many left homes for ashram life and adopted brahmacharya little realising that this was a big step to escape the realities of life; that God and Nature will force them again and again to ghrahasthi (householder) life style.
So, the sages finally arrived at a way of breathing; a natural, full twenty four hour rhythmic breathing (the last noted exponent was sage Patanjali) which could have the effect of the various special breathing exercises together with the noted asanas and that such a natural and effortless breathing technique based on sound scientific fact, would give the desired result.
The human brain is a highly volatile and explosive substance. If one practices any exercise or so called meditation and controls it for some time no sooner does one stop such a practice (for it cannot be done 24 hours) than this devil of a conscious brain will, with vengeance, torment the individual and normal life will be miserable. So it boils down to the fact that along with certain practices and exercises a certain type of pranayama should be included that can be relentlessly carried on for all twenty four hours. The key to this eternal vigilance is the introduction and establishment within the body-brain system of the THREE STEP RHYTHMIC BREATHING (3SRB), the natural rhythmic breath we humans are born with. Only then will this conscious brain surrender, and when it does, the individual mind is no longer polluted the vision becomes pure and the mind turns inward. Over mind and brain we have no direct control. Breathing is unique in that it is the only function we can control and make rhythmic - even for all twenty four hours. If breathing is controlled and rhythmic, thinking is also controlled and rhythmic. The circulation of blood too will be controlled and rhythmic, the pulse rate dropping from 72 or mote to 60 or less per minute.
This breathing is called rhythmic because it follows a certain rhythm in nature. All planets, stars, suns i.e. the entire Brahmanda breathes this rhythm although at different speeds. Watch the sea at high tide on the shore where the waves break-and if you observe -every 12th wave is larger than the rest. When you practice this rhythmic breathing you will find that your 12th breath will be more forceful while breathing out. Now observe the sea far out and then see how the wave rides on the surface of water and you will mark a forward backward movement and in rhythm of 3SRB.
When a child is born it breathes in the same rhythm of 3 SRB but at a faster rate for the first nine months at approximately 36 breaths a minute, the next nine months at approximately 18 breaths a minute and then the next nine months at about 12 breaths a minute.
The most important reason why it is known as rhythmic breathing is because -the primary i.e. the astral body intakes prana at the rate of 12 per minute. The first result of this breathing is that a rhythm is established between the breathing of both the bodies- the physical and astral and because both are breathing at the same rhythm you remove age old disharmony and conflict between the two bodies. This has singular effect on the mind, habits and this in turn leads to physical, emotional and mental health.
When we breathe in rhythm we note that every minute the blood of the body passes through the lungs which so far were never in harmony with the astral breath and this conflict was reflected on our physical, mental and emotional health. Once this rhythm is established the lungs benefit the most and instead of imposing disharmony and conflict on every cell of the blood they pass on harmony and rhythm. Time and again blood returns to the lungs and time and again harmony and rhythm is passed on to each cell which in turn supply energy, rhythm and harmony to the entire body.
This is to be experienced. The test of the pudding is in eating it! Do it and enjoy the innumerable benefits resulting from this rhythmic breathing. BUT you have to diligently practice and application has to be sincere.
In the beginning your emotions will disturb your breathing and your average will drop but constant and sincere practice and endeavor will succeed & soon rhythm will win over emotions and mood. To establish this original breath – the 3 SRB will enable a normal human being to find that
1) One can enjoy good physical mental, emotional and psychic health i.e. total health.
2) One can find peace of mind i.e. the turbulence in the thinking instrument is calmed down -the intensities and frequencies of wrong and unwanted thoughts will reduce.
3) Slowly one embraces automatically and without any motives the good and the higher path of life without false religiosity and or blind adherence to rites, ceremonies & rituals.
This is the basic aspect of 3SRB. This is meant for the common man in the street all over the world. The one promise of this breathing is that the day you reach 24 hours of this breathing a real master will take charge of you and will then teach you pranayama - the act of prana control and higher aspects of yoga.