Upgrading of Awareness Exercises

Time and again in our search and endeavor on the path, we come across a wall. On the wall is written," beyond the threshold of your awareness". If this be so, then we cannot consciously proceed or carry out any process or technique if the sequence or linkages therein are, "outside or beyond the threshold of awareness".

There are processes that we have no reason to or wish to interfere with, like those carried out by the upkeep area of the brain to maintain our body/brain system and keep it fairly healthy. But when it comes to our thinking process, we should and must be fully aware of all the phases connected with learning, unlearning and re- educating; especially the most important and damaging aspect viz.: negative diagrams percolating into our body/brain system and their conscious recall and re-education.

Under such circumstances, we again find certain communications or linkages we are (normally) not aware of and they seem to be " beyond the threshold of our awareness"; though from experience we know that such communications or linkages do exist and take place, say between the thinking instrument area and a point inside the up-keep area of the brain, when we notice that certain bad news create immediate and even serious pathological disturbances in an otherwise healthy normal person.

So it finally amounts to refining and upgrading our awareness; because awareness is an energy and so has three basic qualities of tamas, rajas, sattava i.e. inertia and passion, wild emotions and intellectual content. If you observe properly, all life is awareness in action. For such a basic and important factor, we are doing nothing to improve and upgrade. Depending on this code, structure and spectrum of our awareness will be the quality of our life and based on the grade of our awareness i.e. passive or low to active or high to very high leading to pure awareness state, will depend the quality of life also - this is inner evolution and does not depend on the outer evolution which science has helped to advance.

Outer evolution is not keeping step with this inner evolution. Without this inner evolution, man will become even worse than he is today. The majority today are man and woman, the animal, in human form. Please note that tamas and rajas i.e. non-refined sex and emotions, form the explosive energy of sensitiveness that explodes time and again and will ultimately ruin an individual. So if we are ready with refinement of awareness, then only can we proceed to up-grade awareness. Nature has so designed that without refining awareness, it can never be up-graded and all attempts to upgrade will be frustrated.

The necessary steps for refining are:

A) DRIFT WATCHING i.e. controlling the five mechanisms that lead to hindrances of sex, anger, ego, avarice, greed, passion, possessiveness i.e. change our false magnetic point

B) CORRECTIVE EXERCISES i.e. introduce corrective methods

C) REFINING EXERCISES i.e. daily practice the six vital exercises for breaking down emotional granthis formed in various parts of the body system

D) 3 STEP RHYTHMIC BREATHING i.e. practice as much as possible three step rhythmic breathing to come to at least eight hours a day. PLEASE do not proceed further if you are not honestly convinced that you have succeeded in refining

Now for a little explanation before we start the up-grading practices. An incident takes place:

(A) in our time/space concept,

(B) it takes place as an experience

Experience is the result of our awareness and the quality of our experience depends on the quality of our awareness i.e. we will miss some vital part of experience based on the degree of our awareness.

But out of (A) and (B), all of us are aware of time/space registration and as memory repeat what happened, for we cannot remain in the state of experience for more than a fraction of a moment: because we have never consciously tried. Whenever we are held in experience for a longer duration than a fraction of a moment, we find that we are lost to the immediate world around us for that duration.

Even in life's flashback of events reminded to us by a statement or by some occurrences, we tend to get lost for a moment or moments. This does mean in a way going back into the past and recalling emotional debris!

But if we can do this as if seeing in the mind's eye, after recalling the emotional debris and being not involved, but let it run out of the body/brain system harmlessly, it would be very helpful in our progress. If one is not involved in both the cases, via: (A) whenever emotional debris is recalled at the registration area or (B) when fresh in-coming impulses loaded with near identical memory patterns come to the registration area, one is able to throw out whatever that has reached the registration area and it would be most desirable. To be able to do this is not possible normally. To say it is very difficult is to put it mildly. So we need some technique to upgrade our awareness. But this must be done after refining awareness. Nothing can stand in the way of a person who has refined and properly upgraded awareness!

The technique which will now be shown is a beautiful exhilarating practice and once a little mastery is had, will lead to X-ray eyes that will be able to see thoughts and motives, incoming impulses and memory patterns, and through opaque objects and much more, because awareness has been refined and upgraded and so will become penetrative. But to avoid frustration, please refine awareness.

NOTE: The brain has to accept a humble attitude and no dramatics, no trespass into anyone's privacy, except with the honest purpose to study and help. If this promise is kept, progress will be deep and very satisfying.

Because up-grading of awareness is like giving nuclear arms in the hands of an undeveloped nation, such practices were never put on paper. Please co-operate with us and promise to refine awareness and never to put newfound powers to wrong use.

So an incident occurs and when experiencing, one gets lost to immediate surroundings for a fraction of a moment because awareness functions at a low level. Now we begin. We take aid of (for the time being) a prism till certain progress is made; after which we shall need nothing. Please do not talk of a crystal ball and such other devices used with certain motives. On the contrary, avoid them.

Step 1

Spread a clean white handkerchief on a table cleared of all other objects which would distract attention. Keep the prism on the handkerchief standing and not on its side, take a comfortable sitting position and look from above into the prism for a period of 5 minutes. Do not strain or stare, just look into the prism. Plaease remember; no thoughts, no motives, no expectations, no fears, no doubts, no hopes and no excitement of any sort. Be honest and do not let your imagination run wild from the first day. To facilitate close watching, the face may rest on the palms, the elbows on the table. In three to six months of practice, the prism will disappear from sight. Do not be disappointed if nothing happens day after day. Initially, as soon as one looks at the prism one becomes aware of drifts, since watching the prism is really watching oneself with the aid of a neutral object. In the beginning, there will be some reactions and responses to the memory - associated impulses, but these will gradually disappear, leading to attention that is steady and silent. Understand that the prism disappearing is not the purpose of this practice; the purpose is to just look into the prism. Whenever you are successful in the first step, the prism will disappear from your sight and only the handkerchief will remain, but within a moment the prism will reappear. Do not be disappointed because some disturbance of some sort is still there in your thinking instrument.

When there is a clear and undisturbed linkage of (1) the thinking instrument and (2) the point inside the upkeep area of the brain, the prism will disappear for as long a time as you will be able to maintain the linkage undisturbed. During the practice of the 1st step, you will not be aware of your immediate surroundings. Do not even try to be aware of the surroundings.

What is the purpose of the 1st step?

1) To so train the thinking instrument that it does not interfere with the up-keep area of the brain nor,

2) At the same time, though it receives continuously the incoming impulses which pull out near identical memory patterns, it just does not pay any attention to any of them and lack of attention will stop the I.E.S.M. centers from functioning, so that the incoming impulses and memory patterns flow out of the system without being developed or registered.

NOTE: Attention links the thinking instrument to the self-mind automatically and Itself mind thus involved operates the I.E.S.M. centers and does not remain a mere catalyst. This means that indirectly, the thinking instrument has the ability to bring about, or not, the functioning of the I.E.S.M. centers.

If the prism remains invisible for say ten seconds, which is a measure of success, continue practicing until the duration reaches one or two minutes, then go over to the second step i.e. after obtaining the ten second duration. Do not be over anxious and do not practice these steps unless refining exercises have been done earlier.

Step 2

Now spread the handkerchief on the floor with the prism on it, and instead of sitting in a chair, stand or lean leisurely against a wall and just look at the prism for 5 minutes. If short-sighted, sit in a chair instead of standing. In six months of practice, the prism will disappear form sight. Here too, you will not be aware of the immediate surrounding.

If the prism remains invisible for say ten seconds, which is a measure of success, continue practicing until duration reaches one to two minutes before going on to step three.

You are lucky if the 1st step is possible within six months of your daily training. You are more lucky if the 2nd step is possible within the next six months. Later on in life you should be able to maintain this posture of the thinking instrument when walking along the road inspite of all disturbances in your normal life.

Step 3

Spread the handkerchief on the table with the prism on it. Stand nearby, a foot away from the table, and in that position be aware of all that can be seen other than the prism. The prism must disappear from sight, yet all else around it that can be seen should remain visible at the same time. Both the standing position and the look are fixed. Do not move the eyeballs. Try to get a measure of success of duration ten seconds and continue practicing until the duration extends to one or two minutes.

Step 4

Stand 3 feet from a window and look out of it. What you see outside the window is one picture, what you see of the room is another picture. Now continue to just look (not stare) out of the window till you see nothing - the view disappears completely and it will be like seeing the sky. In the initial stages the room picture will also disappear, but one must remain aware of it. Do not. move your eyeballs. It may also happen that either of the pictures will disappear and come into view again. The window picture must disappear and the room picture be clearly seen at the same time. Get a measure of success, of duration 20 seconds, and continue practicing until the duration extends to 1 or 2 minutes.

Step 5

Walk on the footpath. Look in front of you and walk as if you are walking through a narrow passage 4 feet wide and 8 feet high (more or less) which is visible in front of you. The rest is like sky all around - it must disappear totally from your vision, yet all life in the passage in front of you, for say 50 yards, be clearly seen. Get a measure of success, of duration 30 seconds, and continue practicing until the duration extends to 1 or 2 minutes.

When you are through with all the 5 steps and have honestly succeeded in getting a measure of success with each, your thinking instrument will be a finely-tuned, well-trained one capable of forming and maintaining inner linkages. Your awareness has been refined and upgraded and made penetrative. If you can go so far and honestly (but after refining of awareness), you will be able to hear the nearest whisper at a distance, smell from a distance and will be able to taste without putting anything to your tongue. Besides, you will be ready for higher practices of scientific yoga. For your answers to questions and problems either for yourself or others, the normal thinking process is now not needed.