This exercise deals with three areas, namely:

An area between the muladhar and the swadhisthan i.e. between the anus and sex organ -a small triangular area 1 x 1 x 1 inches.

The second important area is Diaphragm, a complex setup of muscles, without the movement of which we would be unable to breathe.

3) BINDU :
The third most important area is in the brain called Bindu (the silent area), a very small area of the size of 25 paise coin. It. is said that the souls seats here, albeit, only as a non-interfering witness to all that we are doing, not doing etc. (this area is not directly manipulated / activated but it is the resultant happening on the performance of this exercise.

We also deal with one more area which is the neck / throat / upper area of the chest.

The purpose of this beautiful exercise is to establish communication between the subtle, mental, emotional and physical body, brain system. How does this happen ?

By the stoppage of breath and the contraction of certain muscles on the physical level, a very sure but subtle unlocking goes on simultaneously on hitherto non-operational or incorrectly operational emotional, mental and spiritual levels. When physically certain muscles are contracted, nerve impulses are relayed to the brain, triggering other neuronal circuits and nerve centers which effects our state of consciousness. The throwing out of and stoppage of breath for 40 seconds, plus the pulling in the abdomen (i.e. the PERENIUM indirectly pulled in) and keeping the pressure of pulling / contraction constantly on during the course of exercise, activates the parasympathetic system. The result of this is a complete calming of the body brain system.


(A) The heart rate goes down
(B) Digestive system is toned as the "Brain in the Stomach" is squeezed
(C) Blood pressure decreases
(D) The entire muscle structure is relaxed .



Due to the activation of the parasympathetic system and pulling in the PERENIUM, there are very subtle effects on the brain / pituitary and pineal glands and in turn hypothalamus which are the glands that regulate the entire endocrine system. This keeps a balance in the secretion of various - Hormones and therefore leads to emotional stability and balance.



Science says that there is an extremely intricate interaction / connection of the nerve(s) in the perenium area (pudendal nerve) with the various endocrine glands / chakras (via the spines) right upto the brain. The constant tension and in due course of time, re-activation of this area, helps in clearing the pathways or in other words helps in disentangling crossed, incorrect or confused circuits in the brain. The correct neuronal circuits are once again established, which helps in "re-training the brain" from very old habits, incorrect thinking, disharmony etc.



Due to the above stated, there is correction in the movement of chakras which leads to total communication between them. The downward movement of the "Apana" is arrested with the holding of breath outside. The pulling in of the Perenium directs the "Apana" upwards and in due course with perfection and ceaseless practice brings about the union of the “Prana" and the "Apana" in the Manipur Chakra leading to spiritual bliss that arises of such union.

In the Puranas there is the story of Samudra Manthan. The Devas and Asuras wanted to churn the oceans to get Amfit (Nectar of Life). For this they used mountain Meru as the churning rod and put him in the oceans. The rope used for the churning was Sheshnag, who agreed to wrap himself around mount Meru and the Devas took one end and the Asuras the other and churning of the oceans began. After some time Mount Meru got covered by water and was drowned in the oceans. The Devas and Asuras were at a loss as of what to do. So they went to Lord Vishnu and begged him for his help. Lord Vishnu agreed to help and took the incarnation of Tortoise (Kurma) and went into the oceans and lifted Mount Meru on his shell. Again the churning began in earnest and many things came out of the oceans. The last being Amrit, the nectar of life.

This ancient mythological story is in reality an explanation of a secret yogic exercise, namely Gold Nugget. The floor of the oceans is the Perenium. Mount Meru actually means the Shushumna Nadi i.e. the back bone. Lord Vishnu as a tortoise (Kurma) is the diaphragm. The Devas is the positive side of us and the Asuras the negative. The holding of breath, the pulling in of the Perenium and the constant pressure throughout, brings about tremendous pressure between the diaphragm and perenium making an inner circuit and thus connecting them to a centre in the brain called the silent area. Then begins the shallow breathing (churning) through the two nostrils i.e. the "lda"and the IIpingla" two ends of Sheshnag. Initially a lot of neg8tivities pour out and as we continue practice over a period of time , the silent area gets activated. This results in from trickle to a flow of tremendous spiritual energy.

So one can deduce how by the physical practice other hithero dormant functions on the emotional, mental and subtle plane are reactivated. Thus leading to a complete and total communication between them.



Initially, one may feel that suppressed energies (physical, emotional, mental and subtle) are released, bringing with them unconscious desires, anxieties and tensions. The shallow breathing (churning) does keep most of this in check, but a detached attitude and / or heightened awareness at such times may be necessary.

Sound health is a pre-requisite for daily higher practices of yoga and spiritual fulfillment. The daily and proper practice without any break will ensure send physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.


The exercise should be practiced only once a day, preferably on an empty stomach. More than once may damage the Perenium area leading to a complete stoppage of communication and other physical, emotional, mental and subtle damage bringing a stop to the yoga practices.

Method : Keep one hand on the abdomen below the navel and one hand on the upper part of the chest. Throw out all the breath i.e. totally empty the lungs.
Keeping the breath out pull in the lower abdomen inward. This is not done by using the hand but by using the abdominal muscles. Keeping the abdominal pressure on, hold the breath out, initially for about 5 to 10 seconds and in due course reaching upto 40 seconds by slowly and
constantly increasing the duration. Remember, the pulling in pressure has to be continuously applied throughout this exercise. Practice this first part till you are very comfortable before going to the next part i.e. shallow breathing. Now begin shallow fast breathing, using the area between the neck and the upper chest for about 30 seconds.
Slowly increase the duration till you reach 2 minutes of shallow fast breathing. Once again to remind you that abdominal pulling in pressure should be constant throughout the exercise.

One may, after 6 months of constant and comfortable practice, increase this duration of 40 seconds till you reach upto 2 minutes of holding the breath out before going on to the second part i.e. shallow breathing.

Please ask the authorized teacher before you start this.