Yogi Sri Soli Tavaria - An Introduction

The later half of the twentieth century has seen an explosion of science which has woven itself into the fabric of our daily life. For many thousand of years India has been a reservoir of deep spiritual knowledge and teaching. This knowledge has been shared with millions of students who have come to her shores to learn. The basic spiritual truth never changes. But the form given to knowledge and teaching has to change with the time. In our scientific age this form has to be a scientific one together with a scientific approach and method. This would mean reinterpreting the old spiritual texts in the light of modern science.

Sri Tavariaji was a spiritual scientist. In ancient days such a person would have been called a “Maharshi”. He designed simple technique and practical methods which have profound effect on the body, the brain and the emotional structure. These simple breathing exercises work directly on all the systems within our bodybrain structure to bring about total health which would mean a balance between the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the human being. They also have deeper effects on the unseen Yogic anatomy of man, thus leading one to the path of inner evolution. The result is a new person who by breathing a rhythmic breath has brought peace in his relationship to his body and mind, which in turn leads to harmony in his relationship with his fellow human beings and the cosmos at large.Sri Tavariaji met his master, Sri Ram, when he was only seven years old. Over a period of 12 years, he learnt the practices of a very secret Yoga System from his teacher. He said that this system was passed from master to disciples in the Guru-Shisya parampara, originating from Maharshi Patanjali who is credited with the authorship of the Yoga-Sutras.

Sri Tavariaji condensed the system into a few simple exercises together with the Three Step Rhythmic Breath, so that the benefits of such a rich system of Yoga could be easily available to everyone. His teacher advised him to be a householder, so he lived as a family man throughout and is survived by his wife and two children. He said that the real test of Yoga is in a normal family life.

Sri Tavariaji had two engineering degrees and two degrees of Master of Arts.

He had a tremendous control over his body-brain system brought about by Yoga practices. Even though he ate only three meals a week, he was able to lead a normal and very active life.

Sri Tavariaji has written two valuable books:

1)       Yoga Sutra - Explanation and Exposition

2)       The Purpose of Birth and Death

Moreover, he has left a tremendous amount of notes. He left his physical body at the age of 76.

Sri Tavariaji's simplicity was a kind of living poetry: the way he went about his normal day-to-day acts of life had the beauty, purpose and creativity of a painter spraying his canvas with innumerable colours.

That he was a teacher of the deepest Yogic sciences was hidden in his simple approach to life. And the teaching is so simple, but so complete and scientific. It weaves its way into our daily normal life without upsetting it in the least. And as we continue the practices and the rhythmic breath (as shown in the book) diligently, one day, the transformation happens.

Sri Tavariaji said that every student has his real guide or teacher in himself. If you follow the practices with intensity and regularity as Sri Tavariaji would say, ''as if white hot heat", then one day this inner teacher will reveal himself and guide the student to the very heart of Yoga. It is with this purpose, that a few excerpts of Sri Tavariaji's teachings are given here for interested students. I hope that it will give the student a basic outline and a glimpse of Sri Tavariaji's deeply revealing Yogic science.