Sri Rajen Vakil

Sri Rajen Vakil is an arts graduate from the Bombay University. He came in contact with spirituality at an early age and has studied under enlightened beings such as Osho, Swami Brahmavedantji, Swami Ram Dulare Bapu, Didi Vimala Thakar and finally found his spiritual journey leading him to Sri Tavariaji.

As a part of his journey, he has in his own right, mastered many sciences, such as Yoga, the readings of Gurdjieff, and has acquired a deep understanding of the Bhagavada Geeta as well. He emphasized that the essence of life and his teachings were in correct breathing - the term 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing. He also teaches Sri Tavariaji's simple breathing exercise routine that Sri Tavariaji named the ‘Refining Exercises’ – the purpose of which is to refine the body-brain system and upgrade awareness.

He has written & spoken on several topics, such as: The Purpose of Birth and Death, Event in Life: Cause & Effect, Self-Observation, The expositions of Yoga Sutra, Theories and Practices for upgrading Self Awareness, The laws of the Pendulum.

Sri Rajen Vakil has a beautiful family, a son who recently graduated college and a daughter in the 9th grade. Mr. Vakil is a world-renowned author, lecturer, and spiritual guide. He travels internationally to share his knowledge and breathing techniques with the world and in this entire journey for the past 20 years there has absolutely been no commercial interest. His biggest gift has been in seeing the wonderful changes in people’s lives.

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