Q.1. There are people who can be classed as ruthless, heartless, seasoned criminals, godless, greedy, over ambitious like Changizkhan, Taimur, Hitler - can 3SRB change these 'types' of people to become saint and good citizens?

A.1. Yes, provided, such people on their own show an inclination to give a fair trial to the programme of 3SRB and having come to twenty-four hours -continue for twelve months more, at first coming to one hour of conscious practice -and continue their interest in 3SRB, they would then unfailingly show tendencies towards spirituality and sainthood!

Q 2. If 3SRB can be enforced on persons by some scientific manipulation using instruments or implanting a needle in the diaphragm and make the diaphragm work as in 3SRB, it should the same results. Then why this talk of yoga - religion - philosophy - morals etc.?

A.2. Answer is No. It is not possible. It cannot give the same results.

Q.3. In the eye is placed an implant, and in the body is inserted a needle and the pacermaker is carried out or even the pacemarker is implanted for art and science has thus obtained very good results. So why not in this case?

A.3. Since it is a vital point it needs a clearer reply. Each human being has created for himself or herself a lure of acceptance in the conscious fore brain through long days of living and thinking in a particular manner based on individual autonomy i.e. what to accept and what to reject.

This false structure is first to be broken down. This cannot be arbitrarily broken down by another person or by some instruments of science, nor by hypnosis.

Such artificial change will appear to function for a short time but will eventually pass away and the old structure will once again prevail. Criminals and such others have a very strong and firm structure of acceptance of their own which is resistant to change.

Q.4. Why not if certain scientific methods and instruments continue operate the Diaphragm?

A.4. Presuming that instruments are embedded in such persons and they work an electronic battery all twenty-four hours it will still be not possible.


As stated earlier such persons must on their own come to the conclusion that trying out the 3SRB programme is worthwhile: then only it is possible.

The 3SRB program: to consciously breath for five minutes daily, increasing by five minutes every fortnight and so to come to one hour of conscious 3SRB. Over a period of six months or more as the individual case may be.


Then only such persons are helped to twenty-four hours of continuous breathing but here too their willing acceptance is necessary. They must at first complete the 3SRB programme as stated earlier.


What happens when a person subjects himself or herself willingly to this discipline? Each individual nerve cell on receiving information, then decides whether or not to pass the message along.


In case of bodily disturbances, it may not hesitate normally, but to change an established breathing habit for an entirely new one and if it does not hesitate and so the whole chain of nerve cells do not hesitate, means there is a sort of acceptance i.e. and inner consent. This is the autonomy of each nerve cell.


This point is very vital; because it is this autonomy which eventually forms the structure for acceptance of an individual and such programme of 3SRB when accepted, decides to break down a wrong structure and in turn to build or fabricate a more correct one.


Anything supposed to be forced on an individual even with scientific instruments for diaphragm movement, against the structure of acceptance will soon erode and pass away e.g. a criminal if subjected to satsang and automatic diaphragm movements through instruments, for some time may appear to be very much changed but sooner or later will find his or her own old ways prevailing.


If a tiger cub is fostered by human beings it will remain vegetarian for sometime till (a) accidentally it tastes human blood one day or (b) gets a call from a tiger! In all cases human or animal, the structure for acceptance will always prevail because it is deep down in the body /brain system and nothing happens for the better till such time this wrong structure is broken down and a better structure is fabricated for better living.


Here we bring in science, "Can human beings be cloned? Human beings are far more complicated than plants or frogs. One difficulty is that mature human cells seem to lose the full genetic potential they had when they were part of an early embryo. A cloned infant will have the same genes as the person who donated the initial cell but it will not grow up to be a copy of the donor because you cannot reproduce the same environment of the donor. That has already become past".

0.5. So far so good, but there must be many ways this structure for acceptance can be broken down, unless you claim that 3 SRB is the only one method to build a more correct structure consciously and break the false structure!


A.5. There are many artificial ways. Monks and nuns of all religious order the world over try in a way to break this wrong structure for acceptance. Millions do try in the hope of Heaven or fear of Hell and perforce some are indoctrinated from early age in some manner.

But no one has tried to fathom what goes on under the surface of these minds. It leads to various disorders of the body/brain system, frustrations, guilt complex, closed minds, great irritations and even silent and mischievous misbehavior and in many cases a life of Dr.Jeckyl and Mr.Hyde and many just exist mechanically like human robots. These are all ruined lives. They will require many lifetimes to be normal again and start allover again; because Nature cannot accept any artificiality in any manner! This 3 SRB can do it in maximum 2-3 years if the individual is willing.


And also there are many other artificial ways of religion, philosophy, yoga and now even in the name of science!


On the other hand anyone who practices 3 SRB program by one's own wish and will or choice without any hope of reward or fear, like in any scientific experiment, then one can experience for one's self. The results in all cases will be positive.


Q.6. Accepting what you have said, what will one see or find after reaching twenty-four hours of 3 SRB carried out for minimum twelve months?


A.6. .The most apparent findings that one can note and/or experience are

(1)   improvement in physical, mental, emotional health i.e.; total health.

(2)   the turbulence in thought processes will be immensely reduced.


The intensity of the same type of wrong thoughts together with their frequencies will be much reduced before they ultimately cease to disturb the individual.


(1) and (2) are noticeable and can be tried and tested and will show results in all cases and not in a few cases only; because 3 SRB is scientific and has to give the same result; besides the changes for better taking place within biologically, which we do not seem to notice or experience because our awareness is yet not up-graded sufficiently.


Q. 7. Does it mean that higher aspects of 3 SRB suggested here?


A.7 .If yoga, religion, philosophy, theosophy etc. have any claim to bring that about, the shortest and surest way is through 3 SRB.


Q.8. Will you be more specific?


A.8: We as yet do not understand what mind is. "The word mind falls outside the realm of science i.e. mind suggest something too elusive ethereal to be pinned down and some issues including mind/brain questions are really philosophical rather than scientific. As such they may be unresolved".


Science says that brain is in away a computer, but in many ways it is not because "no computer can drastically alter its own programme".


Besides we know today that substances with small molecules including oxygen, alcohol and many anesthetics can cross the brain/blood barrier. "Unfortunately there is no way to observe a living human brain directly".


To explain higher possibilities of 3 SRB we will have to mention what may not be strictly scientific today e.g. what is the purpose of our birth?


(1) "Judgment is the assignment to the disembodied self, of anew body in accordance with its records".


(2) "If a man can arrive there with full knowledge of what he has been and what he wants to be, choice will be open to him". What is this choice?


(3) "During this time (i.e. between death and next birth) the self is bodiless and in this state is able to perceive as real different parts of the cosmos unattainable to it, when attached to a body".


(I) If we can interpret (1) (2) and (3) we find conscious death i.e. self is conscious at the time of fabrication of the fresh bodies for the next birth and so he or she has a choice -i.e. he or she can set aside karma or destiny -"pain which is yet to come can be warded off" says sage Patanjali in Yoga Sutra.


(II) It means also conscious sleep practices which ultimately lead to conscious death practices, and the dimensions of understanding then are very real and which is not possible when the self is within a body.