Cosmic Sex Energy

Article 76 - Cosmic Sex Energy


Many a time, we wake up in the mornings in a semi-awake state or what is generally referred to as a half-dream state. Our attention is divided into two parts. On the one hand, our five senses are working and we have a kind of awareness of our surroundings. On the other, we also see what is happening in us and could be aware of a dream at the same time. We are experiencing two worlds simultaneously. It is a very beautiful and blissful state to be in and if we learn to control and consciously extend it, we can experience the joy and happiness of this state every day.

Simply breathing to the three-step rhythm in this state opens up many channels of energy. It is as if the whole cosmos is pulsating in this rhythm and by breathing to it, there is a union of our being and cosmic energy. It enters through a space between the two eyebrows, the area the Taoists call the jade palace.

As our awareness of this state increases and we become more adept at using it, a certain inner vision opens up. We learn to consciously create certain experiences. Two experiences which are highly orgasmic are those of flying in the air and dying. To be able to induce your own death, to go to the point of death and come back is like experiencing a cosmic orgasm.

The shape of our mouth is such that the mouth with the palate represents a temple and the tongue is the idol or statue in the temple. If we look at it another way, the tongue represents the male organ and the mouth the female. That is the linga of Shiva and the yoni of Shakti.
In Mantra Yoga, we create waves of sound vibrations in different parts of the mouth and tongue. As the vibrations rise, a very powerful circle of energy is created in the tongue, the area around the palette and back to the tongue. As we repeat the mantra, there is a continuous circling of energy, the intensity increasing with each round. At a certain point, the tongue and mouth fuse to become one. Shiva and Shakti have merged in a cosmic union.