Article 14 - Moods


The inner quality (or attitude) we bring to an external action (or event) is called a mood.  It could be a reaction to an outside event or it could have surfaced in the mind for no apparent reason. Moods are either positive or negative; at any time, we could be in a good or a bad mood. It is an emotional state that changes the way we perceive and react to external stimuli. We may be at a hill-station that is lush with natural beauty, but if we are in a bad mood internally we won’t be able to enjoy or register that beauty. Moods may last a few seconds, or hours, or imprison us for days.

A negative mood affects our perception and judgment and can easily lead us into wrong decisions and/or improper actions. Needless to say, we misinterpret everything around us. Say, we see our friend or partner talking to someone; in a negative mood we would interpret it with suspicion. This can distance us from others and lead to situations where people avoid us. Negative moods create a bad atmosphere, increase our stress and anxiety, affect our psychological health, and thereby, physical well-being.

A positive mood can make us calm, energetic, and creative. It brings colour to life, increases the power of our imagination, and gives a feeling of goodness. We talk to people easily and spread an aura of cheerfulness.

There are many ways to get out of a bad mood. We could eat some good food, go for a walk, enjoy some music, or maybe go to the gym. Moods are directly related to the amount of stress we hold on to and most important, the amount of sleep we get.

The guru teaches the disciple to observe his moods and be free of them. Just as we live in a physical country experienced by the five senses, we also live within a psychological country experienced by the subtle senses or the mind. This inner psychological country has both, beautiful and ugly spaces. Just as we walk out of a dark room into one with light, the disciple learns to move from one inner room to another. One day, he is free of both good and bad moods.

Some say our moods are provoked by the stars but let us keep that for another day.