Power of Thought

Article 73 - Power of Thought


Swami Ramdulare Bapu was the epitome of conscious love. He had the power of potentising thoughts. A very profound and vibrant person, he also possessed the art of cooking delicious food.

I remember he used to cut vegetables into varied shapes while cooking. One day, I had an allergic reaction to some allopathic medicine and the insides of my throat were dotted with ulcers. I could not swallow a thing. He put me on a diet of raw spinach for 2 days and my ulcers disappeared. It turned out he had cut the spinach in the shape of vocal chords.

For years since, I have wondered whether cutting a vegetable in the shape of the affected organ in the proper manner can make the process of eating a healing one.

Thought is a seed and emotion is the water it needs to flower. Emotion determines the intensity we give to a thought. When an architect holds a form of a house in his mind, it is a thought. But for the thought to take shape in reality, it takes a few years. Whether or not the thought will materialize depends on the interest and intensity of the emotion involved.

A great South African lady, Swami Narayani developed a form of homeopathic medicine called organotherapy. She would take fresh, healthy animal tissue and radionically give it thought potency through a radionic potency machine. This fresh tissue, infused with radionic thought, would be given to the patient to ingest. Suppose a vertebral disc had degenerated, she would give fresh vertebral animal tissue with the radionic potency to heal. This form of medicine has existed for the past few years and I have seen it heal many people.

My guru Shri Tavariaji taught me a special method to potentise thought to increase its power and potency so that the thought can easily materialize. He gave me the anatomy of the Anahat chakra which is a dual chakra that rotates clockwise on the right-hand side and anti-clockwise on the left. We can also call this our heart centre. Here is something we can all do - hold the thought we want materialized in our heart, visualize the Anahat chakra and potentise that thought by rotating the left side clockwise. In this way, the thought will become very powerful and hopefully it should materialize.