Sex Energy (b)

Article 74 - Sex Energy


There are three kinds of sex energy - prenatal, biological and cosmic. Prenatal sex energy is what we are born with. This is a very powerful energy, free of excitement and of limited quantity. The first law active in a newborn is that s/he is attracted to the pleasant and rejects the painful. In yoga, this is known as ‘raag’ and ‘dvesha’, and this law is a function of sex energy i.e. it needs a certain quantity to be active. As we grow, we waste this very valuable energy in the expression of negative emotions and normal reactions of life. Sometimes, during a half-sleep state in the early morning, we can feel the presence of this prenatal sex energy. We feel aroused but there is no excitement which has led to that arousal; we may be all alone. If we allow our minds to start thinking exciting thoughts, this energy will be lost. Yoga, especially Taoist yoga, gives very special techniques to conserve this energy once aroused. If it can be conserved, it helps the student of yoga rise above the normal excitements of life and reach a state of peace and equanimity. Biological sex energy fully expresses itself at puberty. It is very difficult to control as it is easily excited. It makes us passionate and is the basic energy that drives us to fulfil our desires. That is why it is called ‘kaam’. Wrong methods to control and suppress this energy can lead to both physical and psychological pathology. This energy can only be transformed by working on its negative manifestations, which is basically irritation and anger. We waste this energy all the time, in our thoughts, emotions and reactions. It is the basic creative energy and like a stick with two ends - at one end is divinity or creation and on the other, lust and excitement. In the Mahabharata, Draupadi represents biological sex energy. On one side, excitement or Dushshana is pulling off her sari and on the other, divinity or Krishna keeps giving more. To climb the ladder of this energy is kundalini yoga, which a student can only learn from his teacher. About cosmic sex energy we will talk some other day.