Foundation of life

Rishi Lomesh took the Pandavas into the forest known as ‘Brahmavana’, which belonged to Lord Brahma. Here, Yudhisthira heard the roaring sound of the mantra ‘Aum’ filling the whole forest. The rishi told Yudhisthira that even though the sound was so loud it came from three hundred thousand yojanas away. Rishi Vishwakarma, the father of Shakuntala, had performed a big yagna there. In that yagna he had invited Rishi Kashyap, the progenitor of the devas and the asuras. At the end of the yagna, Vishwakarma gave the whole earth (Prithvi) to Kashyap as a dakshina for performing the yagna.

Prithvi felt deeply hurt and angry that someone had the audacity to give her away. She told Lord Brahma, “I have been given away to an ordinary mortal. The rishi will not reap the fruit of his yagna. I shall drown myself into the ocean and live at depths where no life will be possible”. Brahma asked Rishi Kashyap to appease Prithvi. Kashyap sat in deep austerity singing hymns in praise of Prithvi. Pleased with his tapas, Prithvi rose from the ocean in form of a huge island, still mostly in water. Rishi Lomesh told Yudhisthira that this rising point of land was the holy spot where the first glimpse of Prithvi was seen as she rose up.

The rishi told Yudhisthira that he should climb up to the top of this point and meditate upon Prithvi. In doing so, he would become very powerful and good fortune would follow him. The rishi allowed only Yudhisthira to climb the point, saying that Prithvi never let anyone to that spot and if anyone touched it, she would go back into the ocean. The rishi told Yudhisthira that he should chant slokas praising Prithvi so she would allow him to climb up the point. He asked Yudhisthira to repeat the following verse, “O lord of the ocean, you are the semen of Lord Vishnu, the birth place of amrita, and the elixir of life. You are the source of fire and it is through you that man attains final salvation”. Saying these words, Yudhisthira ascended the point.

Rishi Vyasa is talking about the Muladhara Chakra, which also is the centre of sex energy. It is called Prithvi and it is the base/support of our lives. The next chakra is the Swadhisthana, which stands for water or ocean. In the story, Vishwakarma gives away Prithvi in alms and Prithvi drowns in the ocean. This shows that as long as we waste sex energy in dreams and thoughts, the very foundation of our lives drown. If we utilize sex energy properly, then it rises above the ocean. The yogi fuses the two chakras in such a way that Prithvi is now above water. This can only happen with the rising of sex energy. With this, Prithvi is pleased and she blesses the yogi with happiness and good fortune.