Refining Exercise 3


REFINING EXERCISE NO. 3 - This Exercise deals with the Area of the Backbone, Pelvic Girdle and the Knees.


Stretch the legs and hold the toes by the fingers of both hands. If the fingers do not reach up to the toes, hold the ankle -joints. The legs should remain straight and should not bend at the knees and the head should remain straight up. Take deep and swift breaths with musical rhythm at the speed of 36 breaths per minute. As per the former exercises, in this exercise we take a complete breath i.e. breath is not restricted to any one area but is a complete breath. The entire chest/stomach and abdomen area is used.


Time Limit:

Maximum one minute in the beginning. Once you are comfortable with a minute, increase by about ¼ to ½ a minute per month till you reach 3 minutes.



The main area that this third exercise touches is the backbone, pelvic girdle and the knees. A strong and flexible spinal cord makes us sit straight and walk tall. This helps us walk through the ups and downs of life and when we cannot sit straight, we let the tension and heaviness of life overburden us. Two inches on either side of the spinal cord we accumulate tensions. These tensions are the result of two predominant emotions - jealousy and anger. Both these areas and when the condition becomes chronic lead to rheumatism and arthritis. Further, the tensions accumulated on either side of the spinal cord slowly weakens the spine, leading to ailments of the back such as spondylitis, 'slipped disc', degeneration of lumber vertebra etc.

When this exercise is done at the 3SRB rhythm (36 cycles per minute), we start dissolving the acids that have accumulated at various places in the body. The backbone becomes free of tension, thus curing the aliments. The backbone once again performs its most important and natural function, that of being a shock absorber for the body. The exercise helps remove abdominal disorders, stimulates and tones the plexuses (chakras) in the lower part of the body, the most important of which is the perineum.



Both the emotions of jealousy and anger play a predominant role in our lives. Over a period of time, this exercise transforms these emotions and we find that we are free of both these negative emotions. Sri Tavariaji said, "This exercise is like a vacuum cleaner for the backbone (Sushumna Nadi) and by doing it, we pump air up and down our backbone, thus cleansing the sushamna nadi, so that the higher energy of regeneration can rise in it."

Yoga says that the " Apana Vayu" which we will call the energy of rootedness resides in the perineum. Gravity is the determining factor of this energy. Therefore when we sit on the ground, this energy gathers at whatever points that touch the ground. So by spreading our legs in front of us, we are giving more space to this energy and by the 3SRB rhythm, we refine this energy. This energy is connected with the points of regeneration namely, Muldhara and Swadhisthana, and it keeps us rooted to the realities of life.

As we said earlier, this exercise indirectly stimulates and tones the plexuses (chakras) in the lower parts of the body. Sri Tavariaji said, "The first master cell created by the meeting of the male sperm and the female ova split into two. On an astral level, this became the muladhara and swadhisthana " The Muladhara is in the perineum. Sri Tavariaji further said, "The first step is the regeneration of the perineum." (Jesus said that the first is also the last) The Cerbor-Spinal fluid and the spinal fluid are one and the same. This fluid is created in the choroid plexus, which is located in the lining of the ventricle of the brain. It is made due to the activity of transportation of ions, especially sodium, across the special epithelial membrane of the choroid plexus. So because of the active transportation of sodium, water follows passively by osmosis. The basic medically proven function of this fluid is to act as a shock absorber.