I.  Front Brain -- Registration Area

I -- Intellectual  E -- Emotional  S -- Sex  M -- Movement  Centres These centres have a resultant intensity ratio of 5:2:2:1 established. They function as centres for rational logical thinking, but mind-body-senses are still merely aware.  (7) , A -- Ajna (magnetic point) : decoded thought forms, i.e. sattvic prana, flow out from here to meet free-flowing manas outside. There are, therefore, no harmful excretions of thought forms.  

II.  Mid Brain

(P1) -- physical  (A2) -- astral  (M3) -- mental  seed atoms These super micro transmitting monitors keep pulsating and transmitting decoded thought forms for the corresponding permanent seed atoms in the causal body to register and record as permanent memory.

(9) , B -- Bindu  (8) , S -- Sahasrara (the corresponding area in the physical body is the thalamus).  

IIIa.  Memory pool shallow : for memory accumulated in the present life.

IIIb.  Memory pool deep : for memory brought over from previous lives, normally inaccessible.

(0) , T -- Taluka : the block O here is kept open to manas, i.e. incoming impulses, which in relation to the astral body are various grades of prana.

IV.  Force Centres along the Spinal Column :

(6) , V -- Vishuddhi  (5) , A -- Anahata

(4) , M -- Manipura  (3) , K -- Kundali 

(2) , S -- Swadhisthana  (1) , M -- Muladhara

Energy of the essence of consciousness at (1<-->2) is now of first grade. Normal food creates physical energy which in turn now creates sublimated sex energy and spiritual will. At this stage, with sattvic manas, sattvic emotions and sattvic energy combined with spiritual will, there is a complete inner biological change. A great influence from anahata reaches the I--E--S--M centres.

Whenever the individual is engaged in a normal householder's obligations and duties, clean manas will rise and flow through ida and pingala and not through sushumna. Now manas, on its way up to taluka through ida and pingala, also flows via manipura, anahata and vishuddhi. The open O block at taluka permits flow of manas over the memory patterns accumulated at regions IIIa and IIIb at the back of the brain and through the central passage over the top of the brain as in the diagrams of stages 1 and 2. Though sushumna is about to open, it will be kept consciously blocked by the individual. Both the blocks, the one at taluka O and the other at the bottom end of sushumna $\otimes$, open and close consciously as a two-way switch, as shown in the diagrams of stages 3b and 3c. It is still a sensory stage and hence not free from the experience of time and space.