I.  Front Brain -- Registration Area

I -- Intellectual  E -- Emotional  S -- Sex  M -- Movement  Centres No modifications can take place as manas does not meet memory patterns and incoming impulses do not flow in the central passage over the top of the brain. Essence of consciousness now has a link with Consciousness through bindu. (7) , A -- Ajna (magnetic point) : Sattvic energy flows out from here --in intuition, there are minimal modifications of mind and no excretions from base thought forms. This stage is non-sensory -- to be in this stage for even a short time is to be unaware of space and time.

II.  Mid Brain

(P1) -- physical  (A2) -- astral  (M3) -- mental  seed atoms

Now, along with (P1), the astral seed atom (A2) also starts pulsating and transmitting the activities and steps the individual takes in the physical life and in the emotional/astral realms for the corresponding  permanent seed atoms in the causal body to register and record as permanent memory.

(9) , B -- Bindu  (8) , S -- Sahasrara (the corresponding area in the physical body is the thalamus).

IIIa.  Memory pool shallow : for memory accumulated in the present life. 

IIIb.  Memory pool deep : for memory brought over from previous lives.

Both memory pools are effectively bypassed; consequently sattvic manas and the thinking instrument are not made use of. (0) , T -- Taluka : the block $\otimes$ here is consciously closed to manas, i.e. incoming impulses, which in relation to the astral body are various grades of prana.

IV.  Force Centres along the Spinal Column :

(6) , V -- Vishuddhi  (5) , A -- Anahata

(4) , M -- Manipura  (3) , K -- Kundali

(2) , S -- Swadhisthana  (1) , M -- Muladhara

Normal food creates physical energy. Physical energy creates sublimated sex energy, spiritual will and energy of the essence of consciousness of first grade. Influences from bindu and sahasrara now flow over the entire primary body and brain. Mark the sequence of centres 9-->8-->7 in the mid-brain and compare this with that in the diagram of stage 3c. This is a further biological change.  When not in the state of a normal house-holder attending to ordinary obligations and duties, the individual is in intuitional state and his mood and brain now follow a different formula, unlike in the diagrams of stages 1, 2 and 3a. "His perceptions is now unfailingly exact, i.e. his mind reveals only truth.  This particular perception is unique and reveals that which the rational mind (using testimony, inference and deduction) cannot reveal." -- I(48--49). This is intuition proper, the earlier state 3a being insight.  

The block O at the lower end of sushumna is open to allow the flow of manas in the central spinal passage in the astral body. The block $\otimes$ at taluka is closed to the normal flow of incoming impulses --it prevents manas from flowing over memory patterns through the central passage on top of the brain as in the diagrams of stages 1, 2 and 3a. There are no incoming impulses entering the brain region either, however sattvic they may be. Mind modifications have ceased! Sattvic manas has direct entry into the registration areas via side passages, and thence onto ajna, where it flows out in combination with influences emanating from the centres 9-->8-->7. This is the early stage of pratyahara, or intuitional stage of the mind.